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An advanced case of Cataract in both eyes – A case study

Dr. Sudipto Pakrasi, Chairman Medanta Division of Ophthalmology discusses the case of Mr. Esha Deoda from Nigeria. The patient suffered from extremely poor vision in both eyes due to an advanced case of cataract. After the removal of the cataract through a surgery on the cataract refractive suite, multi focal intra polar implant was made in his eyes. However, to take it to next level, the final verification of the procedure was done with the help of ORA with the verify+ technology that made sure that the refractive target which was planned was achieved at the end of the procedure. The patient enjoys a normal vision now.


Medanta cures Iraqi cardiologist's cataract

Watch as Dr. Sudipto Pakrasi discusses the case of Dr. Salim Wahid Izamil, a cardiologist from Iraq who was suffering from Cataract from the last 10 years, making personal anmd professional activities difficult. With back-to-back surgeries the patient was cured of his Cataract and optimum vision restored at Medanta division of Ophthalmology.


Femto Laser Cataract Surgery – Swift, Pleasant & Painless

Watch the case of Ms. H Nirama Khurama, a patient from Uganda who got one of her eyes operated for Cataract in Medanta division of Ophthalmology. With a traditional type of Cataract Surgery performed earlier in her home country, her experience of Femto Laser Cataract Surgery was an extremely swift, pleasant and painless.


FemtoLASIK at Medanta has changed the life of Supriya Jaiswal

Through the FemtoLASIK procedure at Medanta, Supriya Jaiswal, a model by profession, regained her confidence and got rid of her dependence for spectacles and contact lenses forever. Watch her story now!