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Cataract Clinic

Cataract surgeries have come a long way in the past 20 years. The kind of surgeries being performed today has changed the face of the surgery today. The cataract clinic offers specialised care for the diagnosis and management of cataract. It provides services including state-of-the-art Femto Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS) and advanced Phacoemulsification procedures. All kinds of surgical solutions for cataracts are showcased in the services provided. The clinic and cataract surgery services boasts of the most advanced equipment and intraocular lenses for the surgical procedure and is manned by surgeons with over 60 years of cumulative experience. Cataract surgeries have been one of the hallmarks of the excellence in surgical expertise being provided by the Division.

Refractive Clinic

The refractive clinic is your one stop shop for all forms of refractive surgeries. If you want to get rid of glasses, the team of expert doctors will help you do just that. The experienced team at Medanta will work in a meticulous manner to ensure a perfect preoperative workup to ascertain your eligibility for the refractive surgery procedures with safety and optimum outcomes at the highest priority. The refractive surgical service offers a wide variety of procedures including the blade and blade-free (Femto) LASIK, corneal inlays and phakic intraocular lens. (ICL implantation). Medanta is the only hospital in this bustling city of Gurgaon to provide the bladeless Femtosecond LASIK, the latest technology available in the field of refractive surgery. Having the latest cutting edge technology, the refractive surgery services will ensure you get nothing but the best.

Cornea And Contact Lens Clinic

The cornea and contact lens clinic provides specialty services including evidence based medical treatment following the latest protocols, laser procedures and full range of corneal surgery. Whether it is the management of common problems such as dry eye or performing complicated procedures such as corneal transplants, the team of doctors managing corneal services is adept. The Corneal service offers procedures such as corneal cross linking, lamellar keratoplasty, penetrating keratoplasty, keratoprosthesis and stem cell transplanting surgeries. The procedures are carried out by an experienced team who ensure their success and best visual outcome. Contact Lens fitting is done under the guidance of an expert who ensures the best fit for you. A wide variety of contact lenses are made available ranging from commercial lenses to special custom made ones.

Glaucoma Clinic

Glaucoma clinic provides a comprehensive service for glaucoma including optimal medical management, tailored laser treatment and a range of surgical procedures. The clinic with its team of experienced surgeons is geared to manage all forms of glaucoma ranging from the common primary glaucoma to the more challenging paediatric and complicated secondary glaucoma. The glaucoma service of Medanta offers procedures including laser trabeculoplasty, iridotomy, filtering surgery and drainage implants. It will help ensure your compliance through a first visit to follow up facility through its advanced record management systems. If you have glaucoma, enrol with the clinic and leave the worrying to Medanta.

Retina Clinic

Having done over 8,000 surgeries and a cumulative experience of 30 years, the team handling the retina clinic at Medanta is among the best you could get. Retina services at Medanta offer the latest equipment whether for diagnosis or laser procedures or Vitreo-retinal surgery. Cutting edge diagnostic technology in the form of high resolution OCT or therapeutic modalities such as scatter laser and vitrectomy machines, reflect our focus on highest priority to visual outcome and patients comfort. The retina clinic helps manage patients with diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, retinal detachment, vascular occlusions, and retinopathy of prematurity among many other conditions.

Uvea Clinic

Uvea clinic is a specialty clinic for uveitis, a not so uncommon inflammation of the eyes seen with systemic diseases. The clinic is run by experts with specific experience in this field who have diagnosed and managed a vast array of cases. The clinic aims at providing a service par-excellence for the diagnosis and management of uveitis and ensures a thorough workup and ophthalmic evaluation.

Trauma Clinic

Ocular trauma is a vision threatening situation requiring emergent or urgent care. The ocular trauma clinic is a multispecialty clinic manned by experts dealing in various forms of trauma including corneal trauma, orbital trauma, lid lacerations, traumatic retinal detachment and removal of any foreign body from the eye. Dedicated to saving your sight, the trauma services of the division of ophthalmology ensures the highest level of care for managing ocular trauma and help treat you holistically with the trauma services of the institution.

Squint Clinic

Squint clinic is handled by expert surgeons with a vast experience handling a large number of squint cases. The service offers management of squints in children and adults with squints including infantile strabismus, intermittent squints, paralytic squints secondary to nerve palsy, restrictive squints and many other special forms. A dedicated facility with a child friendly environment ensures a pleasant experience for children visiting the premises. Surgical expertise encompasses adjustable surgeries, microincision surgeries and stitchless procedures apart from the standard ones. The clinic is tuned to provide the best possible outcomes for squint through a protocolled approach to treatment. In addition, the squint clinic handles and follows up cases of amblyopia.

Paediatric Ophthalmology Clinic

The specialised branch of paediatric ophthalmology forms an integral part of the services of the division of ophthalmology and is managed by this specialty clinic. The clinic is run in a dedicated child friendly facility and is managed by experts with specialised training in this field. The clinic is a comprehensive setup for managing all ocular conditions in children and works in tandem with the other specialties to provide multidisciplinary care for ocular problems associated with other ocular and systemic conditions. The important diseases handled under this clinic include retinopathy of prematurity, paediatric cataract, paediatric glaucoma and congenital ocular disorders.

Neuro ophthalmology Clinic

The neuro-ophthalmology clinic is a specialised service managed by a team of experienced ophthalmologists who manage cases related to optic nerve or other eye nerve problems o eye problems associated with neurological or neurosurgical problems. The clinic has the latest equipment for the diagnosis of neuro-ophthalmology cases including advanced static perimetry and kinetic perimetry, high resolution optical coherence tomography and a portable fundus camera for non-ambulatory patients among others. It works in co-ordination with the institute of neurology and neurosurgery to provide a comprehensive ophthalmic and neurology care. The neuro-ophthalmology service also provides a highly specialised surgical service for managing paralytic squint cases through dedicated procedures and managing idiopathic intracranial hypertension through optic nerve sheath fenestration. The clinic provides a first visit to follow up service in view of the long follow ups that such patients often need.

Oculoplasty And Aesthetics Clinic

Oculoplasty or ophthalmoplasty services are delivered through the oculoplasty and aesthetics clinic. The clinic manages cases involving the eyelids, tear glands and tear outflow system and the orbits. In addition, the clinic specialises in ocular aesthetics and is geared towards improving your looks and rejuvenating your face through various procedures. Expert surgeons are adept in performing procedures such as ptosis surgery, correction of entropion/ectropion, botulinum injections, lacrimal surgery and blepharoplasty among many others. Relatively major surgeries of the orbit can be performed in the safety of an excellent hospital with intensive care backup and a comprehensive plastic surgery facility to work in liaison with the oculoplasty clinic.

Ocular Oncology Clinic

Through this clinic, Medanta is one of the handful of institutions in Asia to provide a comprehensive ocular oncology service. The clinic is run under the expert guidance of surgeons who have significant experience in managing cases of tumors of various parts of the eye including retinal tumors, melanomas of the uvea, retinoblastoma, tumors of the eyelids, ocular surface (OSSN) and orbital tumors. The clinic works in close co-ordination with the cancer institute at the hospital to provide a complete holistic management of these vision and life threatening conditions. Services offered under this clinic include thorough screening for ocular tumors, establishing a diagnosis, non-surgical management such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy (co-ordinated through cancer institute) and surgical management including excision, enucleation, orbital surgery and reconstructive lid surgery. The clinic also provides a first visit to follow up service to ease the process of long follow up that such cases may often need.

Low Vision Clinic

Visual rehabilitation is a specialised branch of ophthalmology that is serviced through this clinic. While doctors at Medanta try their level best to provide you a good visual outcome, occasionally it may not be possible to regain a good vision. For these rare but unfortunate situations, an expert team of doctors provide a comprehensive low vision rehabilitation service. The low vision clinic is equipped to enable you to maximise the output from your current level of vision with the help of computerised and non-computerised equipment such as video magnifiers, computer magnifiers, hand held magnifiers and digital telescopes. The clinic also helps to counsel and guide you to lead a meaningful life with a visual disability and works in tandem with the other ophthalmic specialities to ensure you get the best visual outcome possible.

Medical Ophthalmology Clinic

Medical ophthalmology clinic caters to the needs of the patients who present to Medanta for executive health checks. The clinic is equipped to perform a comprehensive ophthalmological examination with specific attention to screening and early diagnosis of eye diseases to provide right treatment thus improves the quality of life. Patients with specific conditions needing detailed evaluation are then referred to the specialty clinics for further management by specialists.